Meet Annie

My name is Annie and I am the owner and artist of Bellabrow Microblading and Bellabrow Pro!

I’ve been a creative since I was born. Around middle school, I found interest in design work and makeup. After college (Pratt Institute, NC State College of Design), I worked in visual design and UX designing websites and app interfaces. At the same time, I also freelanced in makeup for special events and weddings.

I first saw microblading on the internet around 2015. At first, I just wanted to have it done, but then somewhere along the way it turned into me thinking “this is something I could actually do”. There wasn’t really anyone in the area doing it yet. There were some artists that did more traditional permanent makeup, but not the newer techniques that I was seeing online.

I realized this business combined everything I loved in some way, so I went down to Miami to learn how to microblade. I came back to North Carolina and hit the ground running and never looked back.

Opening Bellabrow

I opened Bellabrow in Durham, NC in 2016.

At first it was scary, but I also never doubted if it was going to work. I knew it was going to because I didn’t really give myself a choice for it not to.

When I first opened, my business was my peace from the rest of my life, so I put all my energy and resources into growing it as much as I could.

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Launching Bellabrow Pro

I had no idea where to start when I first decided to get into the brow industry. After my initial training I still had so many questions. I took training after training after training to get all the information I needed and continue to grow.

After several successful years in business, I had tons of people ask me if I had classes or would be willing to train them. I was always hesitant due to the lack of standards in the permanent makeup industry and the abundance underwhelming 1-2 day trainings. I decided if I was going to teach, I was going to do it the right way. I want to give my students all the things I wish I had when I first started.

I launched Bellabrow Pro with the intention to help others — like you, have the tools and resources to get started and be successful in this industry just like I did. 

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