What does it take to get started in this industry?

Curious about what's required legally and if this is a good career move for you? Look no further! I've gathered my top 10 action items to jumpstart your journey in this exciting field. Get my free guide with the exact steps to take towards a fulfilling career in the permanent brow industry!

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Upcoming Course Dates

March 1-May 17 Extended 12 Week Beginner Class

April 6-10 Intensive 5 Day Beginner Class

May 3-July 19 Extended 12 Week Beginner Class

June 8-12 Intensive 5 Day Beginner Class

Beginner Permanent Brow Trainings

Our comprehensive beginner permanent brow classes cover microblading, combo brows and ombré brows. They are offered in two convenient formats: over the span of 12 weeks or a 5-day program. You'll learn the skills needed to start offering these high-demand services with our hands-on training right here in Durham, NC.

  • Online and In-Person Lessons

  • Live Model Practice

  • Support After Class

  • Class Supplies Included


Do I need to be an esthetician or cosmetologist to take a class?

No! There are no requirements or pre-requisites to taking a class. You do not need to have any beauty experience at all! Simply come ready to learn and practice!

I'm not artistic... could I do this?

While being naturally artistic can be an advantage, it is absolutely not required. All that is needed, is a dedication to practice! In fact, I see far greater success from those committing to practicing vs. those who are naturally artistic and don't.

(One of my favorite quotes is "Hard work beats talent, when talent fails to work hard!")

What is required to operate as a permanent brow artist?

All that is needed to operate in North Carolina is a tattoo permit! In order to get your tattoo permit, you will need to have a working location with non-porous flooring and a sink (get the other specifics in my free guide! Of course, we will be going over this and getting out permits in class as well!)

*Other states may have additional requirements. Always check with your local health department.

What's the difference between the Intensive 5-Day and the Extended 12 Week Beginner Trainings?

Both beginner trainings cover the same material. The only difference is timing!

The 5 day is an intense 5 full days of learning from 10am-4pm. You'll get through the material quicker and be able to start working right away!

With the 12 week, you will come in for 2 hours a week, once a week for 12 weeks. You'll have plenty of time to practice in between each lesson to really grasp the concepts.

Both Intensive and Extended have an online learning lessons as well.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, payment plans are available!

In House Payment Plans

For the 12 Week Extended Program, you may pay your remainder (tuition minus the deposit) in monthly or bi-weekly payments in house with no interest. This is 6 bi-weekly payments of 584 or 3 monthly payments of 1167.

Shop Pay or Affirm

For the 12 Week Extended or the 5 Day Intensive, you may finance the entire course tuition or pay the deposit and finance the remainder. Financing is available through ShopPay or Affirm.