Intensive Masterclass

NOV 4-8

Beginner Intensive masterclass


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Hey! I'm Annie

When I first got into permanent brows, I took training after training after training. I found that each one left me with more questions than answers and not enough real experience. I kept that in mind when creating the Bellabrow Pro programs.

I don’t believe in your typical 1 or 2 day trainings or not giving students support once they leave class. I launched Bellabrow Pro with the intention to help others — like you, have all the tools and resources to get started and actually be successful in this industry!


Beginner Intensive Masterclass

Our intensive masterclass is a fast paced in-person, 5-day course, with accompanying online learning modules. Online will focus on textbook knowledge, while in-person time will focus more on building and refining technical skills and artistry.

You'll learn:


Learn everything you need to know about NC rules and regulations and best practices for keeping a sanitary working area.


Learn how to identify different client skin types and choose the best technique and style for them based on their unique wants and needs.


Learn how to map the faces unique proportion and draw brows to any face shape. Learn how to adjust the shape to your client's liking.


Learn how to use a microblade, deposit pigment effectively and stroke patterns that look natural within the client's brows.


Learn different shading styles to customize your shading to meet different needs. You will learn multiple styles and how to combine shading with microblading.


Learn how to select pigment colors too match each client's natural brow hair perfectly. Learn all about numbing so that your clients have the best experience possible!

and more!

Bellabrow Pro

Beginner Intensive Masterclass


The Bellabrow Pro Intensive Masterclass is a fast paced in-person, 5-day course, with accompanying online learning modules. Online will focus on textbook knowledge, while in-person time will focus more on building and refining technical skills and artistry. 

The Details:
  • Learn Microblading, Combo and Ombré Brows
  • A mix of online modules and in-person practice
  • All materials needed for class are provided
  • Starter kit with machine, microblades and pigment set + more
  • Certificate of completion
  • Ongoing support after class

What is covered:

  • State Regulations + Permits
  • Safety + Sanitation
  • Skin Anatomy, Types + Textures
  • Color Theory + Skin
  • Contraindications
  • Brow Mapping + Shaping
  • Pigments + Anesthetics
  • Tools + Needle Types
  • Stroke Patterns
  • Microblading 
  • Machine Shading
  • How to customize Ombré Brows 
  • Different Styles of Combo Brows
  • Appointments + Consultations
  • Aftercare + Healing
  • Business Setup, Social Media, Photography, Insurance + More!

*Students are eligible to enroll in Learn and Earn program separately after completion. This program allows students to complete additional models at Bellabrow for an additional 3 months.

2024 Class Dates: 

  • Aug 10-14 2 spots left

  • Oct 5- 9

  • Dec 7-11

Deadline to Enroll:

Must enroll 4 weeks prior to class date. Online learning must be completed before attending class. Classes are capped at 3 students to give each student lots of attention. Enroll early to secure your spot in desired class date.

Payment: 1000 deposit required to enroll. 

Any additional questions, please email

Beginner Intensive Masterclass
Beginner Intensive Masterclass


Top quality and long product life with no replacement parts required.


No animals were used in the development of this product.


USB rechargeable with up to 125 uses per single charge.


Made of bacteria-resistant silicone, easy to clean.

Are you ready to make a change?

Are you feeling like…. “New year. Same stuff.” Maybe you’re still at the job thats draining you, still not taking the leap to do something different (even though you *really really* want to.

Maybe you've been in the beauty industry for a while and want to add a high ticket item to your service list. 

Maybe you just graduated from beauty school and have a strong interest in brows.

Whatever the case may be, if you’re looking to break into permanent brow industry, this is the course for you.

This class is for you if...

You are excited about brows and the beauty world

You have attention to detail and like working with your hands

You are motivated to practice and learn a lot of new information

You want to be in control of your own time and schedule

What makes Bellabrow Pro different?

I know its hard to decide where to learn. There's a ton of permanent brow courses to choose from these days. You'll see many that are only 1 or 2 days long, (which simply isn't enough time!) with little to no after class support. 

My goal is for each student to actually become a working artist when they leave, not just take a class and never actually get started. 

What Bellabrow Pro students say

Annie is very sweet and knowledgeable. She didn’t mind sharing her knowledge and made sure I was comfortable throughout the entire process. I’m extremely thankful for her and what she brings to the table. I look forward to taking additional classes with her!!

Chanteia B.

Mapping + Shaping

I could never thank you enough.. I Know you are probably tired of me saying it …but thank you…you are a BOSS! Only bosses can teach other people how to go get it for themselves. I appreciate…you have given me something that money can’t buy…. And thats the belief in myself and my capabilities, and confidence….thank you sooo much!

Shenita R.

12 Week Extended Program

I took the microblading course taught by Annie and could not be happier. If you are looking for a truly skilled PMU artist who is also patient and kind, look no further. Annie is the real deal! Great teacher and great experience!

Mary H.

Intensive Masterclass

Frequently asked questions

No! You do not need any prior experience. In fact, most students do not have any previous beauty experience. You do NOT need to have an esthetician or cosmotologist license to perform permanent brow services either.


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